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Barry Moltz

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Book Review
Small Business Hacks by Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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“Small Business Hacks is an indispensable reference guide for any small business owner. It’s a quick read with over 100 essential topics to get you thinking in the right direction. ”

John Frazier

Thought leaders Barry Moltz and Rieva Lesonsky recently release a new book, Small Business Hacks – 100 Shortcuts to Success.  I had a chance to interview Barry about his new book.  Here is a transcript of the interview.

John Frazier: According to Simon Sinek, great leaders and organizations take a less obvious route towards their goals. So I want to start out our interview based on that exact theme, why was it important for you to write your new book Small Business Hacks.

Barry Moltz: When entrepreneurs start a business, they want to solve a problem for a customer. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of problems that come up not in helping that customer, but running a business-

Like negotiating a lease
Preparing for an unemployment hearing
Submitting sales and payroll taxes
Things they never dreamed up

So Rieva Lesonsky and I with our 50 years of experience in Small Business wrote my latest book, Small Business Hacks: 100 Shortcuts to Success. It’s filled with short cuts and work arounds to solve this types of problems you never anticipated so you can get back to the reason you started a business- to help your customers!

From what I know of your co-author, Rieva Lesonsky, she is seasoned author, and certainly a thought leader in the small business community, did you choose her to co-author with you or was it vice versa and how did that come about.

Barry Moltz: I chose her. Rieva is one of my mentors and I have been begging her for years to write a book with me since she is much better at it than I am!

John Frazier: I am curious about the writing style that you and Rieva chose, it almost seems like your book was intended to be a fast read quick reference guide, was that the intent?.

Barry Moltz: Yes, it’s intended as a reference book from us and other business experts. Readers should look at the table of contents for the problem they are looking to solve

John Frazier: One of Rieva’s past publications, “Get Smart 365 Tips to Boost Your Entrepreneurial IQ”, in this new book you gave 100 Shortcuts to Success, so how did you pick the 100 tropics?

Barry Moltz: We came up with the surprising problems that we both have had over the years running a business. Then we asked our community what were the biggest problems that they faced.

John Frazier: I found Hack 19 to be interesting – “How Spy on Competitors Legally”. Not only did you use one of my favorite topical quotes from Sun Tzu; but, you actually included some spy hacking resources with links. Did you include this hack because you thought that many small business owner don’t do a regular competitive analysis?

Barry Moltz: Absolutely, so many small business owners are so focused on what they are doing as a business and don’t look for tips and tricks from their competitors. This is really unfortunate!

John Frazier: Out of all the 100 Hacks, which one is your favorite?

Barry Moltz: Hack 51: How to Get Customers to Respond (When they won’t). This is a huge problem for most small business owners and it really holds sales back. They can’t let go of prospects that may never buy from them. I show a few techniques to get customers to respond 90% of the time!

John Frazier: If you were to offer One Big Take Away for the potential readers of your book, what would it be?

Barry Moltz: Ironically, there are no shortcuts to success. I hope that this book is just a starting point for small business owners so they are not paralyzed when unexpected problems come up!