Hypergrowth and unprecedented valuations are becoming commonplace in the global enterprise landscape. In the past seven years the global economy has seen an unparalleled number of unicorns, extremely high-growth companies, created by high-impact entrepreneurs.

New opportunities for companies, leaders and regulators are manifesting across industries and regions. But these opportunities require meeting challenges that constrain growth. Hypergrowth leadership has shown tremendous resilience and agility in tackling these major obstacles. The World Economic Forum’s communities of Global Growth Companies, Forum Members and Technology Pioneers have contributed their knowledge, experience and data in order to illuminate these key challenges, along with some of their particular solutions.

We invite you to explore the Hypergrowthdimensions below: Agility, Business Models, Markets and Clients, Regulation, Scalability, Stakeholder Management, Talent and Technology.

All solution examples have been presented anonymously.


Business Model

Markets and Clients



Stakeholder Management