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Often Uninformed of the Risks, Users of Pirated Movies Are Baited Into Free or Cheap Movies but Comes With a Hidden Cost: Malware

This post is sponsored by Digital Citizens Alliance @4SaferInternet The popularity of video streaming services has taken off in the past few years. It’s become easier to stream video through smart TVs, streaming boxes that connect to your not-so-smart TV, and even...

John Frazier Introduces Entrepreneurship For Beginners Programs

John Frazier just released three new programs that were developed for those who are new to entrepreneurship or are solopreneurs who need expert guidance. "I specifically designed the programs to make expert guidance more affordable than ever helping new entrepreneurs...

Australian Leadership Interview’s John Frazier

John Frazier talks to Victor Perton about Australian Leadership.    John Frazier is the Texas-based Founder and CEO of FractionalStars and works as "America’s Entrepreneur Advocate" with BizBuzz America. Victor Perton: John, what are your favourite stories of...

John Frazier’s New Blog Is Coming Jan 2nd 2018

We are please to announce that John Frazier is launching a new blog with new features, stories and more video that will be up and running on January 2, 2018.  John's current blog, http://johnfrazier.bizbuzzamerica.com/ was originally launched in 2014. "I am excited...

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My Top Motivational Quotes

The Best Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You – #YourSuccessfulMindSet

Bruce Lee on Circumstances

“To hell with circumstances I create opportunities”

~ Bruce Lee

Robert Noyce on Innovation – The Man Behind the Microchip

Optimism is an essential ingredient for innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure or staying in a safe place?”

~Robert Norton Noyce

Founder of Intel Corporation in 1968

 Zig Ziglar on Getting What You Want

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

— Zig Ziglar

John F Kennedy on Dwelling on the Past

“Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

– JF Kennedy


Go To Market Strategies

Hypergrowth Playbook – World Economic Forum

Hypergrowth and unprecedented valuations are becoming commonplace in the global enterprise landscape. In the past seven years the global economy has seen an unparalleled number of unicorns, extremely high-growth companies, created by high-impact entrepreneurs. New...

What It Takes To Disrupt A Massive Industry

It’s extremely rare to find wholly new business opportunities. For the most part, entrepreneurs need to attack existing markets. Yet this is far from easy. Let’s face it, incumbents are getting much better at dealing with disruptive threats. “When you are starting a...

7 Tools to Help Create Your Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is about setting priorities, focusing energy and resources, strengthening operations, ensuring that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results. The plan also extends to...

A Plan for Working on (Not in) the Business

A Plan for Working on (Not in) the Business Lots of business owners wish they could be less involved in the day-to-day operations of their businesses (see “It’s Never the Employee“). When you have 10 or even 20 employees, you can be intimately involved in all aspects...

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen

A few months ago, my friend Tim took a new sales job at a Series C tech company that had raised over $60 million from A-list investors. He’s one of the best salespeople I know, but soon after starting, he emailed me to say he was struggling. “I’ve landed a few small...

Does Your Company Need An Amazon Strategy?

It is hard to really convey how big and influential Amazon has become over the last 2 decades. Even in physical size alone, Amazon is daunting. According to Frugaldad, Amazon’s warehouses have more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more...

How To Invest In Yourself

This post is about how to actually, practically invest in yourself in a way that is going to pay real dividends. How to take the steps today that will enable you to be a better person, a better creative, a better developer or a better business owner tomorrow. This is...


Thought-provoking Commentary

Backlash Unveils Bigger Issues with YouTube

Over the past few weeks, a number of U.S. corporations, including Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, PepsiCo, and McDonald's have pulled their ads from the video-sharing site, YouTube. The reason? The companies have complained their ads are appearing next to...


Must Know in Biz & Tech

The Collaborative Economy. What is it?

The Collaborative Economy. What is it? A peer-to-peer economy based on the pooling and sharing of knowledge, services and goods, where exchanges should be based on fairness, transparency and good will. And why wouldn't it be nice to share the value generated too? ......

Vijay Kumar: Structured Approach to Innovation

Professor Vijay Kumar explains how a discipline and methods can help companies have more success in innovation efforts. VIJAY KUMAR is a professor at the IIT Institute of Design, the graduate school of design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he leads the...

Kohler Named as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree

The annual CES Innovation Awards program celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products. Here is my pick for the best in Honorees at CES 2018. Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and...

Who’s behind art’s dark little secret, Vantablack?

I will be posting articles on some of my favorite innovations and the companies behind them. My first one for 2018 is NanoSystems from Surrey. Ben Jensen is their CTO. Last spring, in central London, the Science Museum exhibited a face that no one could see. This was...

100 of the most promising #AI startups

AI 100: The Artificial Intelligence, #AI, Startups Redefining Industries Here is a list of 100 of the most promising private companies applying artificial intelligence algorithms across industries, from healthcare to auto to fintech—at the Innovation Summit today. The...

Personal Growth

Improving Human Capital

3 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Greatness

The successful entrepreneur mindset isn’t something that people are born with. It’s something that is created with hard work, patience, and persistence. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have cultivated and conditioned their mindset to manifest success....

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