John Frazier talks to Victor Perton about Australian Leadership.    John Frazier is the Texas-based Founder and CEO of FractionalStars and works as “America’s Entrepreneur Advocate” with BizBuzz America.

Victor PertonJohn, what are your favourite stories of contemporary Australian leaders? 

John Frazier:  I actually have many; but, the one success story that always sticks in my mind regarding Australia has to be Melanie Perkins founder of Canva and the youngest female CEO to be leading a $1 billion startup. As I understand it, she started the business out of her mother’s lounge room. I think Melanie Perkins offers hope and inspiration for other female entrepreneurs worldwide.

Victor PertonJohn, what are the unique qualities of Australian leadership and leaders? 

John Frazier: I think they are mavericks with lots of determination and entrepreneur grit. When one thinks about Australia’s startup scene and its relatively small population, the narrative for going global is completely different than their U.S. counterparts.

Victor PertonJohn, who have been the leaders in your life’s journey? Who or what has inspired you? 

John Frazier:  I attribute much of my entrepreneurial spirit and love for small businesses to being raised by an entrepreneurial mother; but, my deepest influences include a variety of incredible people with whom he has crossed paths in his life’s journey. This includes people like Tony Robbins, Gordon Bethune, Traver Kennedy-Gruen, Bob Hope, Willie Nelson, Don Dwyer, Deepak Chopra, Mickey Gilley, Michael Dell, and General Carl W. Stiner, just to name a few.